Strategic Planning

With multiple strategic planning facilitation engagements and plan development for credit unions with $30M to $2B in assets, we approach this critical activity by clarifying your efforts, helping you make the right short-term decisions, then taking the right actions that generate long-term results.

Strategic plans guided by Burton CU Consulting align your credit union's strengths with the marketplace and help you position yourself effectively.

Primary objectives of a successful planning process are to:

  1. Develop or affirm a 3-5 year vision
  2. Understand current state of credit union
  3. Perform gap analysis between your vision and current state
  4. Create 3-5 year goals to obtain vision and determine critical success factors
  5. Determine measurement of success

Credit Unions that have worked with Burton CU Consulting Strategic Planning process have achieved goals in growth, mergers and acquisitions, member development, employee development and financial strength.


The credit union universe is shrinking because the financial landscape is evolving at record speed. The burden of compliance and regulatory oversight is a growing challenge. Remaining competitive and viable can be a struggle.

Credit unions can grow and stay relevant through carefully planned and matched mergers with other culturally or geographically similar credit unions. Whether seeking to  "acquire" or "merge up," we help credit unions  understand what characteristics their partners need, conduct due diligence from finances to culture, and complete the regulatory paperwork.

Properly done, a merger offers credit unions economies of scale to overcome challenges of reduced margins, increased costs, demanding compliance, and the growing wants and needs of consumers--your members who expect more convenience, products, services and security from a strong, well-regarded financial services provider.

Burton CU Consulting has managed mergers for credit unions all across the country resulting in successful partnerships that meet the credit union's criteria and strategic expectations. We take a "hands on " approach to negotiating merger agreements with potential credit union partners.

Branding & Marketing Plans

It takes more than a logo, a new ad campaign, a re-vamped website. Effective branding and marketing plans align your goals and successes with your members' goals and successes.

Burton CU Consulting works as your partner taking the steps critical to developing the business culture that appeals to your internal and external customers--giving each product and service your credit union's unique stamp. The power of integrating branding can help close any operational gaps that might affect your members' experience, uniting you and your staff in your efforts to execute brilliantly.

Burton CU Consulting identifies service goals, develops resonant messages, creates your brand vocabulary and gets your messages in front of new and prospective members. From ideas to concepts to execution, we're there until it's done.

Credit unions we have developed brands for achieve a strong and sustainable self-identity, unique and competitive advantage, and loyalty within their existing membership.

Strategic Market Development
Combining all the areas of a market plan is no easy task, but we can show you how to execute all your branding, positioning and marketing efforts in a coherent, workable manner to produce long-term results through immediate action steps that show a positive ROI.



Board Development & Retreats

Is your board engaged in your success? Do they represent your membership? Do they focus on policy while asking the hard questions? A strong board supports strong leadership and smoothes the path to success.

Burton CU Consulting's Board Assessment Program can provide a means to strengthen your board. Board Assessment engages your board and provides solutions and tools to promote change, innovation and effective service.

Member Services Analysis & Implementation

How about those boat loans! Credit union members need an array of financial services throughout their lifetimes. And they expect them to be delivered on-line and in-person at the moment they want them.

Burton CU Consulting will help you explore what your members want, what your competitors offer, and how to make the decision about what services to provide


Let's talk about how about how our services can help your credit union succeed.