How do you focus your energies so your credit union will reach its full potential?

When you team up with Burton CU Consulting, you'll find a consulting group with over 25 years experience with credit unions and the financial services environment in your corner. No other strategic development group can bring you this extensive credit union know-how and the knowledge of how credit unions work.

Look to us as a partner who'll use that knowledge to map out your strategy, help you understand your members better, and create  and execute the strategies that will give you spot-on results.

There is nothing canned or pre-determined. We can integrate seamlessly with your existing strategic initiatives creating end-to-end solutions.

We'll help you generate a program for success. It's an  approach unlike any other you'll find in the industry. Instead of bombarding you with mismatched strategies and unrelated solutions, we work with you to find out exactly what you're looking for. Side-by-side, we craft a program unique to your credit union. One that will reach your members, staff and board to generate measurable results.